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Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange

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a little off the wall but... [Sunday,
November 05 at 12:00am]


i'm a sucker for throwback uniforms. i was wondering if anyone has any photos of the boys wearing them? doesn't matter the player really, just something i've been collecting for awhile and i only have like, 3 pictures of any given a's player with a throwback on ...

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November 03 at 12:58am]

[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Here's Barry Zito and Eric Chavez on the Best Damn Sports Show Period, from April: Ipod ready format

civildawn commented on an earlier post about it, so, here it is for anyone else who wanted it! ayrdaomei had posted it in four parts, and I put them all together and compressed it into one file, and the size actually isn't too big, either.

I felt kind of bad just posting that by itself, so I also decided to include a Barry picspam that I had in my journal a little bit earlier. Most of which... has already been posted to this community previously, but, I just felt bad coming in kind of empty-handed! Ah well.

A big, huge, picspammy celebration of the hotness that is Barry ZitoCollapse )


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Barry on Halloween [Thursday,
November 02 at 11:29pm]


He was a cowboy at a very F-list party. Pauly Shore? Jason Davis? 

There is only 1 picture at Wireimage, but I'm looking for more.


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Chavvy moves on to second hand.... [Thursday,
November 02 at 2:37pm]

Chavez was announced the '06 Gold Glove winner at 3rd base for the 6th year in a row today!!!!!! He worked very hard even though he was hurt all year. His offense suffered tremensly, but he kicked ass at defense. Congrats to Eric!!

Ellis got robbed. I know Grudzie had a fantastic year, but how can you beat the new record for FPct of .997 by a second baseman??? Come on people!


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Sad day.... [Tuesday,
October 31 at 5:21pm]

Zito filed for free agency today. :( And so now the torture worsens.

NEW YORK -- Oakland's Barry Zito, who could be the most sought-after pitcher in this year's free-agent market, filed for free agency Tuesday.

Zito, a 28-year-old left-hander with a coveted, looping curveball, was 16-10 with a 3.83 ERA in 34 starts this season. He never missed a start because of injury in his first seven major league seasons with the Athletics, who acknowledged before the 2006 season they probably wouldn't be able to afford the 2002 AL Cy Young award winner once he became a free agent.


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