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Opening Night Photos

Hey... sorry about the late-ness of these. I've been going all over the Bay Area this week (I'm on Spring Break) and haven't had the time to post these anywhere. I was in the bleachers, so I didn't get really any game shots. But here's what I took:

The new ad campaign is 100% Baseball... which I think is kinda lame. Then again, how else would you sell an almost completely new team?

Kinda liked this one:


Harden signing:

Casilla/Garcia, Harden, DiNardo?

Warning! Boston photos! (I'm not a Boston fan... I just miss taking baseball photos)
Ortiz running. Not pictured: oxygen tank


Clay Buchholz:

Honoring Dick Williams before the game:

Blanton warming up:

Both teams standing after introductions

And just the A's

Gotta love that batting average!

And uh... okay?

Complete set here

If you want to use any of these for icons/whatever, please let me know first - justin.a.lafferty@gmail.com. Thanks.
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