Justin (jlaff) wrote in athleticsphotos,

Spring Training Photos!

Tags: adam melhuse, alan embree, bob geren, bobby crosby, bobby kielty, brad halsey, chad gaudin, dan johnson, danny haren, eric byrnes, eric chávez, huston street, jason kendall, jay marshall, jay witasick, joe blanton, justin duchscherer, kiko calero, lenny dinardo, marco scutaro, mark ellis, mark kotsay, mike piazza, milton bradley, multiple players, nick swisher, rich harden, ryan goleski, shannon stewart, spring training, team, travis buck
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thx for the shots
You got like two pics of Chavvy. I'm hurt. :(

Great pics anyway.
For some reason... I can never get enough good pictures of Chavvy.
Your pictures are beautiful and I hope you don't me using them for icons!!!

Sure, go ahead!
HA. Nick in hi-sox, well done!!!
Thanks for the Bucky pix...how big can you print your originals and how much would you charge me for them :)
Shoot me an email - jlaff08@yahoo.com and we'll see what we can do.
you got it, it's coming from an email with the id as: lilianapix
Amazing photographs! Thank you for sharing. These are completely crisp. What kind of camera do you use?
Wow! An A's photo exchange! Woooo! Hoooo! I LOVE the A's, and I'm very happy to see fellow A's fans here on LJ!
Great pics...Chavy, Nick and Buck....What more could a girl want?? Thanks!