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It's here!

Spring training that is, and I went to my first game yesterday! Not a ton of stuff, because it was SO crowded. I've been to a ton of ST games and this was by far the most crowded and uncomfortable. I had standing room only seats but had snagged a seat till the middle of the third...when the people finally decided to show up. Suckers. By that time, there was not one place to stand! So yes Oakland A's, if you are going to see SRO tickets, make sure you don't over sell them so people are unhappy. /rant

ANYWAY on to the fun stuff, the photos!!!

Bobby Crosby

Nick Swisher

Dan Johnson

Mike Piazza

Milton Bradley

Jason Kendall & Dan Haren

That's all the teasers for you!

89 total photos can be found here!
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Bobby shaved? I was just beginning to take to his scruffiness.

Nice pics. Thanks for the share!!
If only Dan "I'm A Lumberjack And I'm OK" Haren would follow his lead.
Seriously, that look has GOT to go!
Honestly! He's got such a gorgeous face. That silky dark hair belongs on his pug, not on his chin.

Incidentally, I am a pug fan and would love some face time with Bernie.
It's sad, we get a couple trimmed up (Bobby & Dan) and the other guys stick that hair on their face! Ick.
Thanks, glad you liked them!
Oh yes he did and it's HOT!