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Zito off the market? has sources saying Zito's signing with the Giants. Allegedly, seven years, $126 million. Richest contract ever signed by a pitcher. Because the Giants are INSANE. But yay for staying in the Bay Area.

And um. I'll make up for this OT post by posting some magazine scans tonight, or something ^_~
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Holy crap. I didn't see that coming
I don't think many people did! The media, for sure, never really seemed to think the Giants were in it. I only saw them mentioned in a few stories these past few months and it was usually only as a remote kind of possibility.
Whoa....Good decision, he's a smart man.
A smart man for switching to Boras as his agent for sure. It's beyond me how Boras got the Giants to put that much $$ on the table, when the Mets and Rangers were both actually offering under $100 million for their multi-year deals.
Damn, now I have to kill my icon! I guess the Giants are the "bigger stage" he wanted to pitch for? I didn't see this coming.
Yeah, bigger stage my eye, lol. I really do believe that people in his camp wanted him to go to New York, but I'm glad he's staying out west. It suits him.
Are the Giants even good? I don't follow them, but I thought he wanted RINGS and a GM to share his PASSION and blah blah? How funny would it be if the Mets win for the next 7 years?

Oh and since you seem to be the master at uploading things and technology, haha, do you know of a program that compresses files? I finally got my TIVO working to transfer shows to my computer, and I want to share the Zito conference tomorrow, but it will be big. Actually, that might not be a problem, because it wont be super long, but I have the Insider Training show that I need to make smaller. I already edited out all the commercials..but it's still over 1,000 MB.
lol, I'm not sure. I was under the impression that the NL West was, as a whole, a huge EMBARRASSMENT TO BASEBALL. But I think that's changed in the last year, like the Dodgers and the Padres were good teams, supposedly. I have no clue about the Giants. I think they were out of it by September, because I remember there being noise about Bonds being able to rest his knees since the team was out of contention.

I gather the Giants probably could get good though - they've got decent pitching and apparently money to throw around at some hitters. Good luck to him with that. I mean, they're not so far removed from a world series appearance.

As for your question, I didn't know, so I asked a friend of mine and he said:

I'm guessing by compressing you mean re-encoding? I use a program called Autogk (Auto Gordian Knot found @ There is a tutorial on the site which is pretty straight forward, so
she should check it out. If she does decide to use the prog, I would
advise her to play with one video first, to see how small she can make
it with the quality still being acceptable for her (by fooling with the
"step 3" options located on the face of the program).

Hope that helps!
Money isn't the real issue to some Giants fans. I love Barry, but 7 years??? This better be a good one.
Man, luck to them, and him, with that. Seven years is INSANE. It's like...tempting fate insane. Pitchers get hurt, eventually. It's what they do! I know Barry's been blessed to date, but damn.

But at the end of the day, hell. I'm just glad he's not going far.
I hope they knocked on wood every time they said, "Barry's never been hurt". Now he'll probably get hurt swinging the bat. I think he was scared to leave the Bay Area, or he just really wanted the money.
Well, at least I never have to cheer for him again. Yanks, Giants same different. Both ick.
It seems a third of the A's fans I know also root for the Giants and are really happy, and a third are like meh, I guess it's alright, and the other third are like ugh, the Giants? Which I guess works out slightly better for him than going to the Yankees and ending up another A-Rod where 99% of people can't stand him?

I was really excited yesterday that he'd at least still be in the Bay Area and not in Texas or New York, but today I'm just bummed he's officially no longer an Athletic.
How funny is this?

-But the Yankees apparently had a last-ditch chance to negotiate with the former Oakland ace. According to a source familiar with the conversation, Zito's father, Joe, called the Yankees and said if the team offered $17 million per year for seven years, his son would like to sign with them. The Yankees declined, the source said. -

That's desperation if you're having your daddy make your calls. He could have been a Yankee if he didn't demand so much money and 7 years. NO ONE likes signing pitchers for 7 years. He's crazy.

LOL. Wow. That is tremendous. You know, I honestly have to wonder if it wasn't his father who was pushing him to try New York the whole time. That's the sense I get. Seven years is crazy, but the Giants are crazier for actually giving it to him. And why would you want to go to New York and subject yourself to that kind of media scrutiny when that team isn't what it used to be? At least in San Fran he'll have Bonds to deflect some of the attention at first, even with the big money contract. I don't know. Congrats to him I guess. I'ma go mope about for a few days, now that it's starting to register that he'll officially never wear green and gold again.