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new layout!

good morning everyone! in honor the upcoming 2006 season (yes, i know it's still four and 1/2 months from opening day, but it's never to early to celebrate, right?) we have a new layout featuring the lovely rich harden. the graphic comes to you courtesy of the very gorgeous and talented bendemolena. the original photograph was scanned by roxybritain. i've also went ahead and updated the community interests to dictate the present roster. sorry for my lack of updates but there's nothing really going on lately. how much does the off season suck? =(

i was wondering how many of you would be interested in holding a graphic contest of sorts? the idea is the people that want to participate will submit one graphic each and the entire community will vote on a winner. the winning entry will be used as the main graphic in the community userinfo. and the winner would be credited, of course. i suck at making graphics (if you guys haven't figured that out already) and i figured this would be a chance for you guys to be more active in the community (if you choose to do so) and make the community more user friendly. as the maintainer, i feel like i've done a really crappy job making this place an open forum for conversation and what not.

also, this is something i should have done when the community opened, but i figured i would go ahead and post an icebreaker for all of the new members and anyone else that wants to formally introduce themselves. i'll place this entry in the memories and add a little blurb to the userinfo so new members can feel like they have a way to jump right in on the action. if anyone has any other ideas for bettering the community, please feel free to scream them at me! i'll put my icebreaker in a separate comment to this post.

favorite music artist(s):
favorite author(s):
how long have you been an a's fan?:
favorite a's player(s)?:
memorable a's moments(s)?:
other mlb teams you like:
mlb teams you dislike:
how'd you find us on lj?:
something random:

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