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a bit random, but.

(Kelly, lemme know if this isn't kosher.)

Not sure that there's any interest in this here, but I uploaded it for a friend of mine, so I figured waste not, want not. The video file was split into two parts to make uploading easier. To view, download both parts of the game to the same folder, click on one of the parts, and unzip it. The .rar unzipping process will handle the rest and rejoin the video file.

Game: Houston Astros @ St. Louis Cardinals.
Date: April 23, 2005.
Length: 3 hours and 40 minutes.
File Type, Size: wmv, 555 mbs.
Notes: Roger Clemens starts for Houston, gives up no runs and...gets a no decision. Mark Mulder starts for St. Louis and pitches a 10-inning complete game. Astros broadcast on FSN Southwest.
Part One (277 mb)
Part Two (275 mb

And in case anyone still needs it, a reupload of Zito and Swish on BDSSP before Game 3: download (wmv, 31mb).
Tags: barry zito, best damn sports show period, cory lidle, downloads, eric byrnes, mark mulder, multiple players, nick swisher, videos
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