Kelly (teenagewildlife) wrote in athleticsphotos,

"is barry zito gay?"

it's hard for me to come up with original stuff out here in the middle of nowhere and stuff *sobs* i was trying to amass a huge update ...but i can never seen to make the time to go a little googling and come up with some material. so, i thought i'd go ahead and post a few smallish random ones i've been hoarding. hopefully you guys haven't seen at least a couple of these before. i tried to add as much variety as possible =p

have a ton of swisher pictures ...and i'm not sure why. oh wait, yeah i do lol

p.s. - speaking of which, anyone ever seen this site before? she's so adorable!

Tags: barry zito, bobby crosby, bobby kielty, eric byrnes, huston street, mark mulder, nick swisher, rich harden, scott hatteberg, team, tim hudson
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