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Good morning, campers!

Since there was no Yanks/Tigers game last night, I finally got off my ass and scanned the September A's magazine.
  • Cover story on Swish. I thought this piece was kind of a snore, but YMMV.
  • Indepth piece on Kirk Saarloos: "My personality fits in great here...I love my job and I enjoy what I do, but I like to have fun doing it. And in this organization, they don't try and cookie-cut you; they allow you to be what you are."
  • Leading Off: randomness on Blanton, Harden, Big Frank, and Bradley. A thing on where the guys like to hang out when they're home. Jay Witasick's answer slays me.
  • He Said/She Said/He Said with Bobby Crosby, his girlfriend, and Adam Melhuse. Is it me or does Bobby's girl kinda look like Tinkerbell?
  • Cool piece on Kendall and the mechanics of calling an inning. I really recommend this.
  • Neat piece on the A's audio engineer and the relationship between the A's clubhouse and music.
  • Dinner on the Diamond photos: notable because we finally see what Dan's Jess looks like. Also, I continue to have a crush on Jamie Kotsay, for no conceivable reason.

If you're not reading Z's blog, you're totally missing out. I bet if he could update 20 times a day, he would. Heh.
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