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These are part of a post of clips I put up in my lj a few days ago. oakchick75 linking to the old Chavvy video reminded me about the older TWIB videos I'd never been able to view on my old comp. I don't seem to have the same problems viewing rm streams that I did before, so I went ahead and ripped a handful of the TWIB segments from 2003 and 2002. I've also converted them to mpg, because I rather dislike the realmedia player. The quality of the twib site's rm encoding is really bad most of the time, which is probably why TPTB ended up switching all clippage to wmv, but most of these are clear enough to pretty clear. The Kendall thing's in there because I seem to recall someone here telling me they have a preference for him ^_~

2002 clips
08.10.02 skill of the week: throwing the fastball with Mark Mulder
08.10.02 before the bigs: Jason Kendall
07.20.02 beyond the fence: Surfing with Barry Zito
06.22.02 Huddy, Mulder and Zito host segment

2003 clips
08.23.03 A's pitchers use cutting edge biomechanics
06.07.03 Chavvy host segment

MLB Radio interviews/clips (all wma files)
09.01.06 - Nick Swisher fangirls Frank Thomas some more.
08.31.06 - Mychael Urban talks about Barry Zito's future with the Athletics
08.22.06 - Ken Macha talks about the A's being hot in August, Frank Thomas, and dropping Chavvy in the batting order

eta: also! I didn't realize until after I had converted and uploaded everything, but converting the video clips to avi instead of mpg means the files come out about half as big. To the extent that people on dial-up are interested in any of the clips and would prefer the smaller files, let me know. I can re-convert and re-upload in avi at some point this weekend.
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