adorable, yet ill-adored (ayrdaomei) wrote in athleticsphotos,
adorable, yet ill-adored

I finally figured out how to actually get our scanner to capture magazine pages in color in good resolution, so for those who are interested, I scanned the July/August A's mag cover story on Dan Haren, as well as Urban's short piece on Kotsay. And the three page thing on the Swisher/Blanton/Harden/OnceAlsoStreetButNoLonger house. The gallery is (here). I left the scans fairly big, but if anyone needs them smaller and can't do the resizing, lemme know.

Oh, and there was an indepth piece on Melhuse that I didn't scan, but could, if there's interest in it.
Tags: articles, athletics magazine, danny haren, joe blanton, mark kotsay, multiple players, nick swisher, rich harden
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