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I made a similar post to hot_sports_men. I know some of you are members of that community too. I have a couple of bonus A's for this post though!

Huston Street chats with some guyImage hosted by

Huston Street puts chairs on top of the bullpen to get a better spot to watch the gameImage hosted by

Nick Swisher chats with some guyImage hosted by

Nick Swisher squatsImage hosted by

Danny Haren with his waterImage hosted by

Danny Haren signing stuffImage hosted by

Rich Harden smirksImage hosted by

Rich Harden chats with Joe BlantonImage hosted by

Eric Chavez takes the fieldImage hosted by

Barry Zito...yumImage hosted by

Barry Zito's hair...double yumImage hosted by

Barry stretching before the gameImage hosted by

Image hosted by

I wish I had that guy's jobImage hosted by

Random bonus HardenImage hosted by
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