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Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange

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the jim rome show (and some other small goodies) [Tuesday,
October 17 at 9:56am]

some archived audio clips featuring:

jason kendall
barry zito
nick swisher
eric byrnes; x2

just in case you're living in a cave ...macha is officially gone. that blog cracks me up, by the way. and this one is just as good of a read:

what can $120 million buy?

1. a 3rd place finish (behind a mediocre team)
3. the most overrated prospects in the history of this universe
4. a bunch of loud mouthed bitches who don't own up to their own worthlessness (you know who you are curt schilling, varitek, jon lester and peter gammons).

with a few nice pictures to bootCollapse )

i'm genuinely surprised to hear all of the bullshit coming out now that macha is gone. i must admit, this is the first time i'm hearing negative things about macha from inside of the organization. he had a couple of excellent seasons in the mid-90s managing a minor league team from the local city i grew up in. i suppose that's where my familiarity of his personality ends. what i can't understand is that they brought him back after letting him go once before and the players are said to have "supported" that move. i think it's pretty safe to assume macha didn't turn into an asshole overnight. perhaps billy beane needs to fire himself as well ...something doesn't add up here. the other thing that's been bothering me is zito's supposed departure. if he really wants to leave, he's entitled to that. but if it's a money issue, loaiza and calero = gone. replace them with minor leaguers who can be paid less to pitch equally as shitty. what's the problem here?

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