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Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange

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more post season images from mlb.com [Wednesday,
October 11 at 10:28am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

includes oakland rally day, alds pre-game one, alds game one, alds pre-game two, alds game two, alds pre-game three, game three, oakland workout day, alcs pre-game one, alcs game one - in that order.

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harden in a tub [Wednesday,
October 11 at 2:53pm]
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a small request ... [Wednesday,
October 11 at 8:16pm]

at the risk of sounding like a fascist bitch, i have a request to make. for those that make image related posts in the community, please do not direct link pictures. also, if you are looking for an image hosting website that doesn't have a storage cap, try imageshack. this isn't directed at any one specific person and the only reason i'm bringing it up is because i tag every entry and add it to the memories features as well. in about 60% of older entries, i'm getting nothing but boxes with red x's through them. there's really no point of archiving entries if new members won't be able to see them. it becomes especially annoying for me if i have to go back and spend the time deleting them.

now, a quick question (more of an idea, actually): i just received my copy of aces in the mail today. after i'm through reading it, would anyone else want to give it a go? i was thinking we could start a thread in this post. if you are interested, read down for the rules (don't worry, there aren't many).

1.) i'll send the book out to the first person in line. leave names and addresses in this post. if you don't want your address publicly listed, you can e-mail it to me and i'll keep it in a safe place.

2.) after i send it out, you guys will be responsible for incurring the shipping cost (media mail is usually $1.00 or so - if you want to send it quicker than that, you're more than welcome to) and you'll send it to the next person in line. if there is no address listed, contact me and i'll forward the address to you.

3.) i eventually get it back. i don't care if it's next week or 2 years from now. i understand that the majority of us are in school or working and it might take a few weeks for any one person to read it all the way through. personally, i'm having a difficult time putting it down =) all i ask is that you don't steal from me because it won't make me very happy. if it somehow gets lost, you'll be responsible for the cost of the book. i have no idea what that cost will be. i paid $10.36 + shipping from overstock.com, but their inventory is currently listed as "limited".

4.) before you send it out to the next person, add your name (or lj username if you're not comfortable with your real name) within the front/back cover of the book. the following is optional participation because i'm a nerd and this kind of stuff fascinates me: i'll put some scrap paper in the package as well. any additional notes or comments can go there. this is more for me than anything. i'm just curious what you guys liked best about the book, favorites quotes/lines, why you wanted to read it and so forth. anything you'd like to share for all to read.

simple, right? also, i just wanted to say r.i.p. cory lidle. i know he hasn't been an a's player for a few years, however, his death is still a tragedy nonetheless. my heart goes out to his wife, son, extended family and friends.

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