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Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange

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August 15 at 12:50am]
I finally figured out how to actually get our scanner to capture magazine pages in color in good resolution, so for those who are interested, I scanned the July/August A's mag cover story on Dan Haren, as well as Urban's short piece on Kotsay. And the three page thing on the Swisher/Blanton/Harden/OnceAlsoStreetButNoLonger house. The gallery is (here). I left the scans fairly big, but if anyone needs them smaller and can't do the resizing, lemme know.

Oh, and there was an indepth piece on Melhuse that I didn't scan, but could, if there's interest in it.
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A's/M's - Aug. 14 [Tuesday,
August 15 at 9:27pm]
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Bunch of photos I took at the game last night. They are mine, and please ask for permission if you want to use these in any way, shape, or form. I'd be more than happy to oblige, but we all like getting credit for our work, now don't we?

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