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Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange

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heads up, and some personal pics [Friday,
July 21 at 4:51pm]
VCR/TIVO alert: Oakland to be profiled on this week's TWIB. This Week in Baseball airs before the Fox Saturday pregame show, so I guess check your local listings? Here on ye olde east coast, it airs at 12:30pm on Saturdays.

+ I went to a couple of the games when the A's were in Baltimore earlier this week, and I took a handful of pictures. Small gallery for Tuesday night, since 1.) it was too hot to head down to the ballpark two hours before gametime, so I got down to the park just catching the tail-end of bp, 2.) I was a genius and neglected to use the sports setting on my camera, so of the few shots I took, 80% of them were blurry.

A larger gallery for the early ass Wednesday afternoon game.
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