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Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange

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Chavvy on BDSSP [Tuesday,
June 27 at 1:49pm]
Thanks to oakchick75 for the heads up on this video! It's 24 mbs.

Chavvy on BDSSP - 09/01/2005 (wmv)

Chavvy on BDSSP - 09/01/2005 (asf)

Lemme know if it needs a reload.

eta: some random stuff I posted in my lj the other day; apologies for the strain on your eyes, my scanning skills are nonexistent -

Zito's first carCollapse )
Excerpt from the Bobby-Huston A's Mag story of a couple months agoCollapse )
He Said, She Said: Huston Street feat. Rich and Huston's momCollapse )
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