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Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Oakland Athletics Photograph Exchange

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Last pics :( [Tuesday,
March 28 at 10:18pm]
[ mood | sad ]

So sad, spring training is leaving the valley. I attended my last game on Sunday. Depressing for me, but good for those of you ready for real baseball to come back to the bay. I hope you all have enjoyed my spring pics. Look for them again this same time next year...and I might get to Oakland for a week this summer, so I should throw some in then too!

Samples of Swish, Chavez, Street and Haren and Desperate Houswives!Collapse )

The rest (very Swisher, Street and Denton heavy!) here:
3/26/06 - A's vs. Rockies & Extra Innings

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